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2019 Summer Camp Info/Promo Video

Summer Camps

May 8th Update: Camp starts June 14th- Procedures to be put in place this summer.


As new information arises or new protocols develop, these policies will be updated. Please check back often.


Partnering with the best – Hanging Rock will work alongside nurses, as well as our local health department and the CDC to ensure that we are up to date on all health policies and procedures. We are reviewing our health plans to ensure that we are providing the best care to those who attend Hanging Rock.

Constant hand sanitation – Hand sanitation dispensers or spray will be available in all common areas and meal areas. Our staff will be trained to encourage every child to use hand sanitizer each time they enter and exit a building and wash their hands before every meal. Our staff will also practice this. If children are able to bring hand sanitizer with them that would be encouraged.
Social distancing – We are putting limitations on the number of kids in all spaces of camp, mitigating large groups and limiting the number of kids in each of our dorms. We are looking at a total of 50% capacity for this summer. In the dorms/cabins each person will be sleeping head to toe. To maximize our outside in the fresh air:

·         The LDC (Gym) will be limited to dining and rainout activities only, at that time distancing will be encouraged.

·         Classes will not be allowed indoors – shelters, gazebos, front porches of chapel, LDC, and canteen will be available.

·         Worship will be held in the Chapel but with all widows open to allow air flow.

·         Dorm windows will be open for airflow. We will have fans going to move the air. -

·         Tables in the dining room will be 6 at a table instead of 8.

·         We will not be able to do any low ropes this summer.

·         We will limit the number in gaga pit with sanitation happening after each play.

No shared items – New protocol will be in place that eliminates handling shared items whenever possible.

·         No salad bar this summer.

·         Staff/Faculty will manage drink stations, cereal stations, and condiment stations.

·         No food sharing this summer – Eat only what is on your plate.

Keeping it clean – Our summer staff will lead daily mandatory cleanings in all spaces using EPA approved disinfectant products. Our staff will be trained in these procedures prior to the start of camp and will be held accountable through daily checklists and audits. A deep cleaning of all bathrooms and shared spaces will occur at the end of every week.
Training and Orientation - At the beginning of each week, all campers will be trained on updated safety protocols which include practicing good hygiene and social distancing. Staff will receive training on updated protocols, additional care, daily temperature checks and action steps to take if a child gets sick.  
Daily Temperature Checks - Every morning before breakfast & every evening before dinner each child and adult leader will have their temperature checked and logged. If a temperature comes back higher than our determined standard, they will be further evaluated at the first aid center. 
Lowering risk – In the event that a child or staff member becomes sick or has a fever of 100 or greater, they will move to a designated quarantine area and our first aid attendants will implement a quarantine protocol that works to identify, control and contain the illness. Parents will be asked to pick up the camper, staff or volunteers will be asked to go home.
Limiting exposure – We will be limiting the number of non-program staff, visitors, and vendors on our properties during camp weeks to help limit exposure to illness.  All visitors will be screened for exposure and temperature checked.
Partnering with parents – We know that you put the health and safety of your child at the top of your list and we want to make sure that all kids have a safe and fun time at Hanging Rock. That is why we are asking you to keep your kids home if they have experienced a fever or illness within 72 hours of their camp arrival date. If you are unsure about bringing your child, you can call our office ahead of time and we will work with you on the best plan possible.


Check-in & Check out – We are asking one family member per family to take their child(ren) through the check-in process and pick them up at check-out. Other family members must stay in the vehicle.

·         Parents & campers will be encouraged to maintain distancing at all check-in & check-out areas.

·         To ensure distancing, parents will take turns in camper rooms to make their child bunk and get their children’s belongings settled during check-in.


We will continue to evaluate and update the details of each category and make any additions according to local, State & CDC health guidelines. 


New Covid-19 Update: April 24, 2020


As we shared previously, this situation is quite fluid, and we are trying our best to work on a plan as we move forward over the next weeks & months. While we could become distressed about what we are going through, we can also view it as an opportunity for God to show up powerfully through His people. Hanging Rock’s people have always shown up BIG!!! While we all have opinions on what is happening, lets, just take the “lemons” we've been given, and make some amazing “lemonade”! 

Many have been asking what the plan is and while we do have a plan, there is always the real possibility that it will need to be modified. The Board of Directors, Camp Committee and Staff have met and discussed many different scenarios with what restrictions are in place now and what we hope will happen in the near future. So, for now here is the plan:

1. All activities for the month of May have been cancelled (work day, golf scramble and all retreats). The Golf Scramble will tentatively move to August 8th. 

2. Celebrate Good Times will not be in June this year. We are looking at the possibility of having Celebrate Good Times after Camp to celebrate the fact that we got to do camp. More information coming. 

 3. Summer Staff starts June 1st.

4. Camp will begin June 14.

5. We will one have (1) Preschool- Kindergarten Day Camp this year and have moved a couple of other camps to later dates. 

6. We will not offer any offsite camps and no camper will be allowed to leave the camp grounds once checked in. 

7. There will be no 5th & 6th grade paintball or 5th & 6th grade horse camp this year.  Calls have been made to the parents of these campers.

8. We will not be offering trail rides or riding lessons this summer for Main or Wilderness camps. We will be refunding all money for those. 

9. Joy camp will remain in July and caretakers will decide if their campers can attend.

10. We will have (2) First-Aid attendants this summer. We will also have an R.N. on call to assist.

11. We will follow all local and state guidelines for operating all aspects of the camp. 

12. We will be cleaning and sanitizing all facilities multiple times a day. 

13. Everyone will have their temperature checked twice a day, every day. This includes campers, faculty and staff.

14. Anyone with a fever of 100 or more will not be allowed to stay at camp or will be sent home when fever is detected.


We hope this helps with your plans for the summer. Any of these plans could change at any moment. Please keep the leadership in your prayers and please be patient with us we move forward.

                                                Next Update:  May 8th

Gary Baker

Executive Director

Hanging Rock Christian Camp




This will be the option of  Payment In Full During Registration or Three Payments, 1st During Registration, 2nd Midpoint, and 3rd Payment Collected on Friday a Week Before Event.  (Payment plan does not include a discount, only when paying for the camp in full do you get the discount.)

Register online and pay with a credit card. In order to receive the discount fee, the camp office must receive a COMPLETED form WITH PAYMENT on or before each tier price deadline. FIRST TIER PRICING DEADLINE- MARCH 15,2020 SECOND TIER PRICING DEADLINE- JUNE 7, 2020

Once you have registered for camp, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Be sure to check your junk box for this email if you don't find it in your inbox. 

Cancellation Policy
For all on-site camps, fees are refundable with the exception of $25 if the camp office is notified of cancellation at least seven days before session starts. There will be no refund for off-site camps unless the vacated spot can be filled.

Souvenir Group Picture
There will be an all-camp group picture taken at each camp session. The group pictures will be available to download from our website at no additional cost. Please click here to get your group picture. Group Picture

Souvenirs, snacks, and miscellaneous items may be purchased at the Canteen. While camp is in session, snacks will be provided for Day Camps, Super Saturday, 1st-2nd Grade Overnight and JOY camp ONLY!! Those attending any camp sessions for Grades 3- 6 will need to purchase a canteen card at the time of Registration. Any money left on the canteen card at the end of the camp session will be donated to our Summer Camp Mission after the canteen time on the last day of camp. Campers attending all other camp sessions will use their own spending money to purchase snack items. The Canteen will open each afternoon and evening during camp sessions. The costs of snack and drink items range from $1.00 to $2.00. Campers are allowed to purchase two items per visit (maximum of $8 per day). All campers will have an opportunity to purchase souvenir items during registration/check-in and at camp closing, older students can purchase souvenirs at any time the canteen is open.

Camper Mail
Campers may send out mail from the camp office. Campers should bring paper, envelopes and postage stamps with them. Campers may also receive mail while at camp. Please allow 2-3 days for delivery. DO NOT SEND FOOD!! Food items will be confiscated. 

Address mail to:
Camper's Name
Name of Session
PO Box 218
West Lebanon, IN 47991-0218

Camp staff is not responsible for mail that does not include camper's name and name of camp session.

Camper Email
When you are register your child for summer camp online, you can sign up for a free telegram service that is connected with your login registration.  

First-Aid / Medical Insurance
There will be a First-Aid Attendant on duty for every camp. All camper medication is to be in ORIGINAL CONTAINERS and turned in to the First-Aid Attendant at camper check-in. Parent or guardian will be notified of camper illness or injury. Campers will be sent home if they have an above-normal temperature or if they are found to have head lice. Camper medical insurance is the primary coverage. Uninsured campers must provide the camp office with a letter stating such. In such case, the camp insurance will provide coverage.

Homesickness: Campers are encouraged with understanding and compassion to stay at camp and participate in the program. We do not encourage campers to talk to a parent or guardian on the telephone. However, camp personnel will communicate with the parent or guardian about the situation.

JOY Camp: Volunteer Licensed nurses will dispense all medications and tend to the needs of the campers. Campers needing total care must be accompanied by an adult familiar with their individual needs.

Check-In & Pick Up Procedures
Camp check-in and dismissal times are listed on the summer camp book, as well as on the camp confirmation e-mail you will receive once you have registered. (NOTE: Indiana is on Eastern Time. Start and End times are listed as EDT.)

If a camper needs to leave the camp at other times, written parental permission must be received by the camp office. Upon departure, camper must sign out in the office or with the First Aid Attendant after office hours. When a camper returns, he/she must sign back in. It is best when the camper does not leave camp while camp is in session. At the end of each event, campers will be dismissed and checked out. For camps that end with a closing program, campers will not be released until the END of the program. Written parental permission must be given to the camp office if a camper is to leave with someone other than a parent or legal guardian.

Camp Staff & Faculty
Volunteers from Hanging Rock's supporting Christian and Church of Christ Churches serve on the team of faculty. School teachers, ministers, parents, college and high school students are an example of those serving. Each Event Coordinator is responsible to provide faculty for his/her event. The faculty works directly with the campers as family group leaders, teachers, worship leaders, and dormitory chaperones.

Paid employees serve on the team of camp staff. College-age students are hired to serve during the summer camp season to assist the full-time employees with building and grounds maintenance, janitorial duties, food service, dish washing, life guarding, facilitating recreation and dorm R.A. Each dorm will have a paid RA that will supervise the dorm along with volunteer faculty.

Camp Activities
All camp sessions include Bible study and scripture memorization, praise and worship, missionary speakers, games and recreation. Included for grades 3-12 are swimming, hiking, lawn games, basketball, gaga ball, carpet-ball, ping-pong, foosball, indoor rock climbing and the giant swing. Additional activities for grades 5-12 include zip-lining, rappelling, a low-impact challenge course, archery, fishing, canoeing and paddle boating. Wilderness programs may include the above recreational activities with additional optional activities for 7-12th graders including canoeing, tubing, or horseback riding as planned by the Event Coordinator.

Sample daily schedule
Residential & Wilderness Camps

Event Coordinators plan schedule and activities.
Subject to change per camp.

8:00 am Breakfast
Morning Bible Classes, Worship & Missions
12:00 noon Lunch
Afternoon Family Groups, Recreation, Canteen
5:30 pm Supper
Evening Worship, Family Groups, Activities, Campfire, Devotions, Prayer Circles, Canteen/Snacks
Check In Days There will be no evening meal served but a snack later that evening. Please make sure that your child has eaten before coming to camp.

Packing Lists


Youth Camp Curriculum Objectives
Curriculum focus is Christ. Each year the Camp Committee chooses a theme that focuses on the major events of Jesus' birth, life, death, resurrection, ascension, and return. Basic attributes of God and Christ are stressed but the focus is on acts and deeds. For Junior or Junior High, the focus shifts to the significance of Jesus, with an emphasis on titles and roles: Messiah, Son of God, Lord, Savior. Jesus' teachings are brought into focus. Senior High campers focus on more complex material: synoptic studies and Christological passages in the epistles. Christ's divinity, pre-existence, humanity, and roles as advocate, judge, and Lord.

Our emphasis is education, encouragement, and help for campers to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and obedience that leads to baptism by immersion.

Campers are introduced to World Outreach through visiting missionaries. Offerings for the mission will be collected at each camp event. All monies received will be given to the mission.