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Hanging Rock Christian Assembly, Inc. We are a Christian Camp & Retreat Center that  provides opportunities for Churches, Individuals, Families and Communities to establish & strengthen their relationship with Christ.  Hanging Rock is supported by 70 Church of Christ and Christian Churches in west-central Indiana and east-central Illinois.  Established in 1946, Hanging Rock has provided seventy one years of Christian Camping and Retreats.Hanging Rock is a 501(c)(3) organization, committed to excellence. 

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Paddle the Wabash Fundraiser April 29, 2017

Paddle The Wabash
April 29, 2017
Team Entry Fee is $500.00
This is our second paddle the wabash event: This year we are going to have 10 conoes with a two man team. Each team will riase money for Hanging Rock and then compete on April 29, 2017 to conoe the Wabash from Attica, Indiana to Covington, Indiana. 

The trip from Attica to Covington is about 20 miles by water and will take about 5 hours to float. Launch at Attica at the U.S. 41 bridge and take out at the launch ramp in Covington. 

This event will start at 9:00 a.m. in Attica. 

Every participant will recieve a free t-shirt and a cookout will be available when we take out in Covington. 

There will be two prices awarded at the conclusion of this event: The team that raises the most in donations will recieve $500.00 in an assortmant of gift cards. The team that wins first place in getting to Covington will recieve an offical Paddel the Wabash Trophy!!! 

We only have space for 15 teams: You will need to get your team together and register as a team participant and begin raising money. 
All monies raised will be used to Bring Value Back to the Chapel. 

Sign up or donate at http://www.paddlethewabashhrca.myevent.com/

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