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Safe Worship Workshop

Saturday, March 7, 2020
9:00 am EST2:00 pm EST
Hanging Rock Christian Camp
Safe Worship Workshop

You Are Invited to IDES Training
International Disaster Emergency Service
All churches of the West Central Evangelistic Associations; all Christian churches and Churches of Christ supporting Hanging Rock Christian Camp.
IDES “Safe Worship” church security training
Saturday morning, January 4th, 2020: 9am-2pm (Eastern time) with lunch provided from 11:30 to 12:30 p.m.
Hanging Rock Christian Camp, 6988 South IN-263, West Lebanon, IN 47991 (4.1 miles south of West Lebanon on
SR 263)
Steps to safeguard houses of worship. Learn how to:

Reduce the overall risk of violence, especially before the crisis;

Reduce the number of injuries during the attack;

Increase the survivability of injured persons in the minutes after the attack.
The Safe Worship seminar covers what to do well before the incident, deals with the critical 5 minutes of the incident, and continues with the equally critical 15-20 minutes after the incident.
Who should attend “Safe Worship” Training:
Full-time and volunteer ministry staff; eldership / leadership; department heads (children, special needs); greeters / ushers; those who regularly pass the communion and offering plates; members of existing safety / security teams; members of law enforcement and Fire/EMS; and members with concealed carry permits.
The Safe Worship seminar includes:
Background of IDES; Need for a Security Plan, Site Assessment; Greeters and Ushers - First Line of Defense; Safety/Security Team; Armed Security Team; Run. Hide. Fight (updated); Medical Response Teams; Crisis Recovery Teams; Emergency Medical Care - First 10 minutes.
Instructor/HRCA Event Coordinator:
Ed Sanow, IDES Director of Training, 30-year veteran of law enforcement, former editor of LAW and ORDER magazine, ALERRT-certified in Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events. He can be reached at or 765-491-1327 (call/text).
Please RSVP by registering online at, “Register Now!”